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Week of 8.26.19


8/28/19 – Wednesday – is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

9/2 is Labor Day – No school – Enjoy your holiday!

Day 1 – Students will continue to learn how to find the Least Common Multiple and will also learn how to find the Greatest Common Factor. Students will apply this learning to real-world problems that call for the use of these skills. Students will review their Operations with Decimals formative assessment from last week, if completed. Students that did not score well will have a chance to redo this assignment after reteaching this week. Standard: 6.NS.4a,b

Homework: Students will get their study guide for their Unit 1 test. This guide will be due next week on Tuesday/Wednesday. Students must complete the study guide a little bit every night.

Days 2 and 3 – Students will learn how to divide a fraction by another fraction by using models and equations to help them interpret the meaning of the problem and solve for the correct answer. Students will also finish up the Math Inventory assessment started last week if they did not get to do so.

Homework: Study for the Unit 1 test. The test will be given next week Thursday/Friday (Sept. 5 or 6th).

Please view the videos below. Note: Students should use the strategies of listing factors or multiples OR use the Ladder Method when trying to solve these types of math problems.

Week of 8.19.19


Open House – Tuesday, August 20th from 6 – 8:30 PM

6th Grade Dance – Friday, August 23rd from 4:30 -6:30 PM – Please return payment and permission slips to PTSA as soon as possible.

Day 1 – Students will be reviewing all decimal operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) with an error analysis task and with a task FACEing Math task that will be due the last day they see me this week. Students will also have a 4-question skills check on using all operations with decimals. Homework: Review videos (under Unit Resources tab) and practice problems done on the videos. Students should working toward fluently adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals without the help of a calculator. Standard: 6.NS.3

Day 2 – Students will take a 4-question skills check to see how they’re doing on their knowledge of dividing whole numbers. Students will continue working on their FACEing Math task (due at the end of Day 3). Additionally, students will be introduced to the least common multiple (LCM) of numbers up to 12. Please preview the videos below. Students should be familiar with both methods by the end of the week. Homework: none due to Open House Standard: 6.NS.4

Day 3 – Students will be taking the Math Inventory Assessment during their Day 3 with me. This assessment is explained in the attachment below. Please read over it and speak with your child about doing his/her best so that I may understand his/her true abilities in math. This test does not count toward a grade, but helps with placement in groups and next year’s math class. We will take it 3 times this year to track your child’s progress. Please email me if there are any questions. If time permits, students will have some time to complete their FACEing Math task when we return from class as well as view a video on finding the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of two numbers. Please view this video and try the problems with your child. Homework: Students should use their notes page to find the GCF of problems on the page. Standard: 6NS.4

Division this Week…

We started working on the standard algorithm for division last week. Since then we’ve gotten rid of remainders and are now “annexing a zero” when needed. Please refer to the last post that has videos on how to annex the zero instead of leaving a remainder. Please have students simply make up problems and divide using the algorithm at home on a sheet of paper for extra practice.

Week of 8.12.19 to 8.15.19

Day 1 – Today students will work on the long division standard algorithm for division. Students will not use remainders, but will change the remainder into a decimal. Homework: Students will complete their Long Division notes from their binder by doing the problems on the bottom.

Day 2 – Today students will work on learning how to use the standard algorithm to divide decimals by playing a small group game. Homework: Students will complete the problems on their Dividing Decimals notes from their binder. Watch the video below for help!

Day 3 – Students will work on mastering the use of the standard division algorithm. Homework: Students will practice for a formative assessment that will be given the next time they see me. Formative QUIZ over long division with and without decimals will be given on the following days next week:

Day E – Wednesday (8/21) – Periods 3, 4, and 5

Day A – Thursday (8/22) – Periods 1 and 2

Please remember there are other resources on this blog. Please check them out to keep up or to get ahead!

Off to a Great Start!

Hi Parents and students! We are off to a great start! The first two days went well! Students are learning their way around school and are doing well with 6th grade expectations.

This upcoming week, we will continue learning about the PBIS expectations. Students will becoming home with a hard copy of their 2019-2020 Math 6 Syllabus. Please be sure to keep the first page, but sign and return the second page showing your and your child’s acknowledgment of the expectations and grading scale.

This week week, expect that your child will be doing the following in math class.

Day 1
Students will take a pre-assessment on a few 5th grade math concepts. Student will also
review place value from 5th grade including decimals to the thousandths place with a mixed review of adding and subtracting decimals.
Day 2
We will review how to add and subtract decimals using a Digital Breakout (much like an escape room)!
Students will also review how to multiply decimals by using a partner game.
Day 3
Students will review adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals in small group activities. Students will work on learning the standard algorithm for division by relating it to the strategies taught in 5th grade.

*** Due to block scheduling, I will see your child 3 times per week instead of daily. This is why the days are broken up into 3 days above. Please check the resources tab for videos to help your child at home.

Homework check: Adding/Subtracting Decimals Warm Up (if unfinished in class)