Off to a Great Start!

Hi Parents and students! We are off to a great start! The first two days went well! Students are learning their way around school and are doing well with 6th grade expectations.

This upcoming week, we will continue learning about the PBIS expectations. Students will becoming home with a hard copy of their 2019-2020 Math 6 Syllabus. Please be sure to keep the first page, but sign and return the second page showing your and your child’s acknowledgment of the expectations and grading scale.

This week week, expect that your child will be doing the following in math class.

Day 1
Students will take a pre-assessment on a few 5th grade math concepts. Student will also
review place value from 5th grade including decimals to the thousandths place with a mixed review of adding and subtracting decimals.
Day 2
We will review how to add and subtract decimals using a Digital Breakout (much like an escape room)!
Students will also review how to multiply decimals by using a partner game.
Day 3
Students will review adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals in small group activities. Students will work on learning the standard algorithm for division by relating it to the strategies taught in 5th grade.

*** Due to block scheduling, I will see your child 3 times per week instead of daily. This is why the days are broken up into 3 days above. Please check the resources tab for videos to help your child at home.

Homework check: Adding/Subtracting Decimals Warm Up (if unfinished in class)

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