Week of 8.12.19 to 8.15.19

Day 1 – Today students will work on the long division standard algorithm for division. Students will not use remainders, but will change the remainder into a decimal. Homework: Students will complete their Long Division notes from their binder by doing the problems on the bottom.

Day 2 – Today students will work on learning how to use the standard algorithm to divide decimals by playing a small group game. Homework: Students will complete the problems on their Dividing Decimals notes from their binder. Watch the video below for help!

Day 3 – Students will work on mastering the use of the standard division algorithm. Homework: Students will practice for a formative assessment that will be given the next time they see me. Formative QUIZ over long division with and without decimals will be given on the following days next week:

Day E – Wednesday (8/21) – Periods 3, 4, and 5

Day A – Thursday (8/22) – Periods 1 and 2

Please remember there are other resources on this blog. Please check them out to keep up or to get ahead!

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