Daily Archives: August 25, 2019

Week of 8.26.19


8/28/19 – Wednesday – is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

9/2 is Labor Day – No school – Enjoy your holiday!

Day 1 – Students will continue to learn how to find the Least Common Multiple and will also learn how to find the Greatest Common Factor. Students will apply this learning to real-world problems that call for the use of these skills. Students will review their Operations with Decimals formative assessment from last week, if completed. Students that did not score well will have a chance to redo this assignment after reteaching this week. Standard: 6.NS.4a,b

Homework: Students will get their study guide for their Unit 1 test. This guide will be due next week on Tuesday/Wednesday. Students must complete the study guide a little bit every night.

Days 2 and 3 – Students will learn how to divide a fraction by another fraction by using models and equations to help them interpret the meaning of the problem and solve for the correct answer. Students will also finish up the Math Inventory assessment started last week if they did not get to do so.

Homework: Study for the Unit 1 test. The test will be given next week Thursday/Friday (Sept. 5 or 6th).

Please view the videos below. Note: Students should use the strategies of listing factors or multiples OR use the Ladder Method when trying to solve these types of math problems.