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Week of 9.30.19


Please return conference request forms as soon as possible. Students were given forms before the break. You may request a face-to-face conference, a phone conference, or opt-out. Please sign and return the form to your child’s homeroom teacher. Conference week begins October 14th.

Students will receive their Unit 1 Tests back when they see me for their class this week. Please check on the blog for the correct answers to the test so that your child may correct his or her test for the retake. Students will get a chance to retake next Monday or Tuesday in class (October 7 or 8th). Please remember, only students that completed the study guide will have a chance to retake the test. Please check ParentVue to determine if the study guide was completed or not.

Next Thursday, October 10th, is an Early Release Day. Students will also be released early during Conference Week (October 14-18th). All students will be released at 1:30 on these days.

Day 1 – Students will be use their knowledge of ratios to find missing numbers in a table. Students will also review the types of ratios and how to generate equivalent ratios.

Day 2 – Students will learn how to use and solve proportions. Student will practice how to use ratios in recipes.

Day 3 – Students will learn how to calculate percentages. Students will be allow to use a 4-function (operation) calculator. They may bring these in with them for use in class. Cell phones in place of calculators will not be permitted.

Practice this week’s concepts with a quizizz review game:

346749 Ratios Game Code

776848 Proportions Game Code

298128 Percent Game Code

Week of 9.16.19


Unit 1 Test – 9/16 (Periods 4, 5, and 1) 9/17 (Periods 2 and 3)

Fall Break – September 23rd – 27th (No School – Enjoy time with your family!)

Day 1: This week, students will be taking their Unit 1 Summative Test (30% of the overall grade). Students MUST turn in their study guide completed on the day of the test. Students were given the study guide two weeks in advance. Answers to the study guide were posted last week.

Day 2: Students will begin on Unit 2 (Rate, Ratio, and Proportional Reasoning). Students will learn about the types of ratios (part-to-part AND part-to-whole) and spend some time learning the vocabulary, and practicing with some basic ratios using manipulatives (hands-on materials).

Day 3 – Students will continue to learn about how to use ratios and the different ways that they may be represented.

Homework for the week: View and review videos and practice problems on Quizizz as many times as you’d like. There are also additional practice items below. 🙂

Click on the link and type in the game code. Type in the code to begin.

Practice with some problems from these websites. Click on the grey buttons below to get to the sites.

Study Guide Answers…

Please use this key to check your answers on your study guide. Your test is next week Monday or Tuesday (9/16 or 9/17) depending on when you come to see me for class. Please make sure that your study guide is completely done with ALL work shown. Remember: If you need a chance to retest, the study guide is your “ticket” to be able to do so. This will let me know that you have taken the time to prepare for test in the first place.

Please note that some of the study guides were mis-numbered when I edited them. Please check that you are on the correct problem when checking your answers.

Week of 9.9.19

Reminders: Fall Break is coming up more quickly than we realize. Students will be out of school from September 23-27th.

Progress reports were posted on Friday. Please review with your child and encourage him/her to turn in any missing assignments. Zeros really affect the overall grade.

Welcome back to a full week of school! This week 7th graders are testing. This will affect our schedule. Student will be going to their connections classes first thing in the morning. Please see the schedule below that we are using until Thursday. Students will see their academic teachers for their last three periods of the day. On Friday, we’ll be back to our normal schedule.

Day 1 and Day 2 – Students will work in rotations on task that will help the practice their division of fractions. Students will work in a small group with a teacher to do a Division of Fractions Scavenger Hunt, finish their Math Inventory (if applicable), and Work on a Math Mystery (The Case of the Forgetful Pharaoh). Homework: Work on Unit 1 Study Guide (Summative Assessment is next week 9/16 or 9/17). The study guide must be COMPLETE in order to be eligible for a retake.

Day 3 – Students will finish up their Math Mystery (The Case of the Forgetful Pharaoh) and will take a formative assessment on dividing fractions. This will be a graded assignment and retakes will not be allowed. Please use the videos from last week’s post to practice. We will be practicing this week in class as well. Homework: Work on Unit 1 Study Guide (Summative Assessment is next week 9/16 or 9/17). The study guide must be COMPLETE in order to be eligible for a retake.

Tuesday Morning Sessions

Hi all! If you’ve been wondering about getting some extra help, I’ll start whole-group tutoring sessions this upcoming Tuesday. So, we’ll start next week Tuesday (9/10).  I will pick students up from the cafeteria at 8:10.  This will allow them to be able to grab breakfast, if desired.  I will bring them back over to the café at 8:45. If they didn’t get to eat the first time, this will be another opportunity to get breakfast, go to lockers, etc.  Students may be dropped off near the Student Services entrance as early at 7:45.  There’s no need to sign up as it is a “come-as-needed” session. 

In order to benefit from this time, students should:

  • be on time at pickup in the cafeteria (8:10 a.m.)
  • be willing to work with almost no redirection
  • be willing to ask questions

Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Week of 9.2.19

Happy Labor Day! I hope that you’ve enjoyed your holiday today!

Here’s what’s going on in our classroom this week…

Day 1… Students will receive their study guide for their Unit 1 Test, if they have not already gotten it. Tests will be taken on 9/16 and 9/17 (depending on the day that I see your child’s class). This is a change due to spending a little more time on GCF and LCM. Students needed the practice. Study guides will be due on the day of the test and must be completely done and turned in for students to have a chance to retest, if needed. Homework: Work on Unit 1 Study Guide

Students that did not turn in their FACEing Math will have it collected this week for -5 points each day it is late.

We will start our work on learning about how to divide fractions. Please use the following videos to get an idea of how to model problems like this and how to use K-C-F to check your answers.

Days 2 and 3…Mrs. Jean will be out for a teacher training all day. Students will have review work to complete on these days.