Week of 9.30.19


Please return conference request forms as soon as possible. Students were given forms before the break. You may request a face-to-face conference, a phone conference, or opt-out. Please sign and return the form to your child’s homeroom teacher. Conference week begins October 14th.

Students will receive their Unit 1 Tests back when they see me for their class this week. Please check on the blog for the correct answers to the test so that your child may correct his or her test for the retake. Students will get a chance to retake next Monday or Tuesday in class (October 7 or 8th). Please remember, only students that completed the study guide will have a chance to retake the test. Please check ParentVue to determine if the study guide was completed or not.

Next Thursday, October 10th, is an Early Release Day. Students will also be released early during Conference Week (October 14-18th). All students will be released at 1:30 on these days.

Day 1 – Students will be use their knowledge of ratios to find missing numbers in a table. Students will also review the types of ratios and how to generate equivalent ratios.

Day 2 – Students will learn how to use and solve proportions. Student will practice how to use ratios in recipes.

Day 3 – Students will learn how to calculate percentages. Students will be allow to use a 4-function (operation) calculator. They may bring these in with them for use in class. Cell phones in place of calculators will not be permitted.

Practice this week’s concepts with a quizizz review game: https://join.quizizz.com

346749 Ratios Game Code

776848 Proportions Game Code

298128 Percent Game Code

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