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Week of 10.28.19

This is Red Ribbon week! Have your students show support of this week by dressing up each day. Please see the schedule on the previous post from the week of October 21st.

Day 1 – Students will have their assessment over the Unit 2 concepts that we’ve discussed and practiced. Please make sure that your child completes his/her study guide and visits the “In-Class” tab to check it or get clarification. Periods 4, 5, and 1 will test on Monday. Periods 2 and 3 will test on Tuesday. Students will not have calculators available for the test.

Day 2 – Students will start Unit 3 (Expressions). Below is a simplified checklist of what students are expected to learn in this unit:

What Will I Need to Learn??  Mark a check next to each concept as you master them.

________ To evaluate expressions, including with variables and exponents       

________ Translate words to expressions                  _______ Use the Order of Operations

________ Identify parts of expressions                       _______ Use the distributive property

________ Use substitution to evaluate formulas     _______ Identify equivalent expressions

We will start with students being re-introduced to what exponents are and how they work. Student will watch a couple of videos and practice using exponents on this day.

Day 3 – Students will learn how to use the Order of Operations to help them evaluate expressions. Students learned this in 5th grade and should remember this important algebraic skill.

Week of 10.21.19

This week students have continued to work on their understanding of how to find the percent of a number. Students practiced with restaurant menus by adding tax, taking off discounts, and applying sales tax. Students need more practice with this. Please use the videos below to assist at home.


This Friday and Saturday, is Griffin’s House of Horrors. Stop by for a spooky time.

Next Week is Red Ribbon Week:

Your child’s Unit 2 Math test is Monday or Tuesday. Study guides were given out this week. Please have your child turn in the study guide on the day of their test.

Monday – Wear Red Day

Tuesday – Pajama Day

Wednesday – Decades Day

Thursday – Dress up in Halloween Costumes (no masks, please)

Visit the Book Fair for a chance to win Scholastic $$

Friday – Wear Your Griffin Gear

Week of 10.14.19

Students will be released early all week to accommodate for conferences. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 each day this week. We will resume our normal schedule next week.

Tuesday morning tutoring is also cancelled this week due to early morning conferences. We will resume tutoring on Tuesday, October 22nd. Thanks

Day 1 – Students will learn what a percent is (a part per one hundred) and will play a percents game with a partner to practice recognizing how percents can be writtine as a decimal or as a fraction.

Day 2 – Students will practice finding the percent of a number using “Speed Percenting”, Students will also work on a Percent Escape Game. This activities are used to help students practice the skill of finding percents of a number in a fun way.

Day 3 – Students will finish their games, if time permits and will apply their knowledge of percents to word problems.

Week of 10.7.19

Reminders: Students will be released at 1:30 for Early Release on the following days: October 10th and October 14 through October 18th. Please plan accordingly.

Day 1 – Students that are eligible for the Unit 1 Test retake will do this at the beginning of class. Other students will be given review work. After testing, students will learn about rates and unit rates and how to calculate them. Please see the video(s) posted below.

Day 2 – Students will have more practice with unit rates/prices. Students will compare the prices of different items at stores and decide which is the better deal based on a unit rate/price.

Day 3 -Students will work on graphing ratios. Please see the video(s) below.

Try these ratios on this website:

Unit Rates in Spanish

Conference Sign-Up (Homeroom Students Only)*

Conference time is quickly approaching! Please use the link to sign-up for your child’s conference time. All conferences are student-led with teacher support. Please note that students with siblings at Griffin will not be conference with me. When you return your conference form, you will speak with a connections teacher. That teacher will schedule a conference with you. All others without siblings at Griffin will need to sign up for a time using the Sign-Up Genius link below. Thank you!

**Note: This Sign-up is for students in my homeroom only. Homeroom teachers will contact you regarding your conference if your child is in another homeroom.