Daily Archives: October 14, 2019

Week of 10.14.19

Students will be released early all week to accommodate for conferences. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 each day this week. We will resume our normal schedule next week.

Tuesday morning tutoring is also cancelled this week due to early morning conferences. We will resume tutoring on Tuesday, October 22nd. Thanks

Day 1 – Students will learn what a percent is (a part per one hundred) and will play a percents game with a partner to practice recognizing how percents can be writtine as a decimal or as a fraction.

Day 2 – Students will practice finding the percent of a number using “Speed Percenting”, Students will also work on a Percent Escape Game. This activities are used to help students practice the skill of finding percents of a number in a fun way.

Day 3 – Students will finish their games, if time permits and will apply their knowledge of percents to word problems.