Week of 11.11.19

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you that have so tirelessly served our country!

This week we will be learning about taking data and representing it in different ways. This should help students to work on their data representation that they’ll need for their science fair projects that are due soon. See Ms. Sprinkle’s blog for additional science fair project information.

We will work on dot plots (students learned about line plots in 4th and 5th grades). They are very similar and the only difference is the use of dots versus xs. Students will create dot plots using real world data.

Students will also learn about histograms. This type or representation of data is new to students. This is their first time encountering them. Please have your child watch the video below to help them learn about histograms. This data is a less specific to show data.

Lastly, students may learn about box plots (possibly being this week) or next week. Please watch the video below to find out about box plots (great for spread and median). The box and whisker plot is a little more involved than the others.

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