Week of 12.9.19


This week students have a summative test on the following days:

Period 1: Tuesday

Periods 2, 3, and 4 : Wednesday

Period 5: Thursday

This is what we’re learning this week:

Day 1 Students will learn about exponents (repeated multiplication) and how to use them. Students will be using exponents in Order of Operations and expressions, but we want to get a good handle on them before adding them into the mix of other operations and numbers. Please review the videos below for an understanding of exponents.

Day 2 Students will take their Unit 6 Assessment on Statistics. Students will need to turn in their study guides on this day. Students had a week to study for the test.

Day 3 – Students will be taking their Math Inventory Assessment in the computer lab on their Day 3 of math. Students do not need to prepare for this. This is a just a measure of their progress during the school year. Students may pre-view the following video to help them prepare for expressions. We will focus on expressions next week.

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