Week of 1.27.20

Reminder: Students have their Unit 3 tests this week. Students were given study guides in class and completed some of it with me in class. Study guide answers will be posted on the blog this evening. I will also send it via email to parents. Students should complete and turn in their study guides on the day of their test. Please remember that the COMPLETED study guide is a ticket to retake the assessment if students need to. Students will test on the following days:

Thursday, January 30th: Periods 1 and 2 will have their Unit 3 test

Friday, January 31st: Periods 3, 4, and 5 will have their Unit 3 test

This week students will learn the following:

Day 1 – Students will learn how to combine like (alike) terms to make expressions easier to understand and evaluate. Students will also learn how to use the distributive property and other properties to find equivalent expressions. See the videos below for practice.

Distributive Property and Combining Like Terms
Combining Like Terms

Day 2 – Students will have more practice with the distributive property to simplify expressions. They will also practice more with combining like terms.

Day 3 – Students will take their Unit 3 Summative assessment. Students will turn their completed study guides in to me.

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