Online Day 2 – 6th Grade Math

The following assignments are for:

Tuesday 3/17 (Periods 1)

Wednesday 3/18 (Periods 2, 3, and 4)

Thursday 3/19 (Period 5)

Standard: MGSE6.EE.9 Students should be able to use variables to represent two quantities; write an equation to express one quantity, thought of as the dependent variable, in terms of the other quantity, thought of as the independent variable, and analyze the relationship between the dependent and independent variables using graphs and tables, and relate these to the equation.

Before your start: You should have practiced dependent and independent variables the last time you “came to class”. Please make sure you understand this before moving on to this lesson. Today you will watch a video about linear functions (with x and y variables) and how to graph them and represent them in function tables. Today you will be learning about direct variation (how x and y change together). and the constant of proportionality (k). This is related to dependent and independent variables, so pay close attention. We’ll work on this for the rest of the week to make sure you’ve got it!

Step 1: Watch the video on Linear Relationship (graphing in a line) below. Please make sure to watch the video and have a sheet of paper ready. You’ll need to try problems with the video.

Step 2: Study the direct variation notes until you understand them. They are linked above.

Step 3: Try the two of the Quizizz games below.

Review from 5th Grade Function Tables

Function Tables – 6th Grade Practice

Challenge – Functions, Tables, and Graphs

Challenge – Constant of Variation