Online Learning Day 3 – 6th Grade Math (Introduction to Seesaw)

The following assignments are for:

Thursday – March 19th (Periods 1 and 2)

Friday – March 20th (Periods 3, 4, and 5)

As we try to figure out this online learning, I am trying to figure out ways in which I can make math more engaging from where I am. So…I am introducing a new platform that my help students a little more. We’ll be using Seesaw.

In Seesaw, students can post to their journal, respond to activities (with words, videos, by sending a picture of their work, or typing into the platform), and view class announcements! Students do not see the work of any other student in the class. Please follow these steps today to get used to using the platform.

Step 1: Send Mrs. Jean and email to get your personal log in. Make sure the student’s first and last name are on the email, please. Her email address is

Step 2: Sign up using the directions emailed back to you with the access code given you. I should get back to you within 5 minutes. Sign up will work on a computer or a mobile device (if using the app).

Step 3 : Complete the two assignments in Seesaw. I promise they’re easy. They’re to help you get used to using it. Make sure to show it to an adult (if possible), send me a message to say hello, and explore some.

Let me know if you need any help! Next week we work on area of triangles! Yesssssss!!!!!

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