Week 3 – Days 2 and 3 – Finish by the end of the week (Sunday)

Today you will have your second day of practicing the area of paralleograms! Please check Seesaw for the following tasks. Your last day is catch up or enjoying some math fun on the linked websites below (see Day 3). These can be done anytime before Sunday.

Day 2 – Area of Parallelogram Practice

Step 1: Do the “Practice Finding the Base and Height” assignment first. Please see the posted example to help you understand what to do.

Step 2: Do the “Quizizz – Area of a PARALLELOGRAM” game. Please make sure that you listen to the directions on the task and view the short video before beginning Quizizz. Let’s aim for an 80% or better!

Day 3 – Catch up or Play Math Games on ABCYA or Math Playground

These games are not linked to Seesaw. You may click on the links above and play any games you’d like

At 11:30 on Friday, please join the optional Zoom meeting at https://zoom.us/j/5132614395 . We’ll spend a few minutes asking/answering math questions and then we’ll just hang out and catch up for a bit. We’ll end at 12:00.

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