Daily Archives: April 20, 2020

Week 5 Digital Learning … WE. CAN. DO. THIS!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a marvelous weekend! I can’t believe that we’re already on week 5 of digital learning! Only a few more weeks of officially being a sixth grader! We can do this!

Help sessions are avaible in small groups of 3 kids per time slot each Tuesday through Thursday. Please sign up for one slot per day to give others a chance to get assistance.

Please sign up using the Signup Genius link sent to parents’ emails this past weekend. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your phone or computer to be able to join.

We’re working on the same standard that we worked on last week! Here is what you will find in Seesaw this week:

Week 5 (DAY 1) – Area of Irregular Figures/Polygons

Watch the review video on how to find the area of irregular/compound polygons.

Complete the 5 problems attached here. Please show your work for each problems and put a circle or square around your final answer. You may write or type your work into Seesaw.

WEEK 5 (DAY 2) – QUIZIZZ – Calculating the Area of Composite Figures

Watch the video that was REPOSTED today if you need a refresher on how to find the area of composite figures.

Click on the link to complete the Quizizz. You may retake it until you earn an 80% or higher. Please make sure to use your real name to receive credit for your work.

WEEK 5 (Day 3) – Check to make sure all of your work is complete.

Please make sure that both of your assignments are done for this week. Please double-check in Synergy to make sure that Mrs. Jean has not sent back an assignment for you to complete properly. Remember, Quizizz should have your real name on it in order to me to assign you a grade in the grade book. Thanks!