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Week 6 – Digital Learning (4.27.2020)

Knock it Out of the Park

Hello! Welcome to Week 6! You’re on the home stretch! Do you reallize that you’ve only got 3.5 weeks of school left? I want to encourage you to keep up the good work, keep strong, and finish strong! You’re almost to the finish line! You’ve almost got your home run!

Here’s what you’re working on this week:

Day 1: Welcome to Week 6! Today you will work on finding the VOLUME of 3D figures including rectangular prisms (shaped like a shipment box) or cubes. Please, please, please watch the entire video attached to the assignment in Seesaw that shows you how to find the volume before trying the riddle.

Day 2: Students will review the video from Day 1 and complete an assignment on the link provided in Seesaw. Please make sure to have a pencil and paper to work out the answers to the problems. Students scores will be posted in ParentVue.

Day 3: Please make sure that both of your assignments are done for this week. Please double-check in Seesaw to make sure that Mrs. Jean has not sent back an assignment for you to complete properly.

***Our Zoom meeting for math will be MONDAY at 11:30-12:00. We’ll talk about how to do the math for this week. The Zoom Meeting ID is: 513-261-4395. The password to enter the meeting will be posted in SeeSaw. Mrs. Jean will only let in those with familiar student/parent names from the waiting room.