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The Last 3 Days of 6th Grade

You’re almost to the end of 6th grade! You’ve almost made it through your first year of middle school!

Please read all of this post!

From Mrs. Jean – Zoom Meeting and Next Year

This week, your only job is to make sure that you have all of your assignments done as they are due tomorrow (Tuesday, May 19th) by 8 p.m. I will enter any final grades right after that time. I will be unavailable via email on Tuesday morning since I will be reporting to school.

We will not have a Zoom meeting today (Monday). Instead, please join me for a farewell Zoom on Wednesday at 12:30! The Zoom Meeting ID is 513 261 4395. The password will be posted in Seesaw and will be sent to parents on Tuesday evening!

On another note (but a similar one), I will be moving on to another endeavor next school year. I will be moving to another CCSD school to teach elementary. As many of you know, this is what I did for 13 years before coming to Griffin. This will be a better fit for my family (schedule-wise). Thank you for this year: for sharing your children, for your kindness, and most of all for your support. Griffin’s Admin team is amazing and so helpful. I will surely miss their support and the hearts that they have for our students. I hope our paths cross again. Congratulations on finishing this year and have a great summer!

From Mrs. Seibert – Dear Class of 2026

I hope you have a great summer class of 2026!  Thank you for an excellent school year.  I want to encourage you to stay connected to your teachers and learning. 

When COVID19 hit our area, Ms. Robinson and a group of teachers started the Empty Bowls Project to make an impact by supporting families in need.  If you would like to help over the summer, we would encourage you to participate!

Here is our wish list:

  • Coloring books – All ages
  • Art supplies – All ages
  • Books – All ages
  • Used Bikes/Helmets – All ages
  • Stuffed animals and toys – All ages
  • Bubble solution – Great for All ages

If you have questions, please contact me at

We are working to ensure every student has opportunities to stay active and healthy this summer!

Reminder – Item Pickup @ GMS this week!!!!

The Signup Genius link is closed! If absolutely need to go to the school to pick up items, email Ms. Seibert to see if she can help.

Wildcat Nation: There are several upcoming alpha-specific days where GMS students will be permitted to come to the school to retrieve and return items. On 

  • Monday, May 11: students with last names A-G,
  • Tuesday, May 12: students with last names H-O, and
  • Wednesday, May 13: students with last names P-Z,

students will be permitted to come to the school to:

  • return any textbooks, library books, or instruments,
  • clean out lockers, and/or
  • pick up medicine (parent is required).

Only students who need to return or pick up items* should come.

he only entry point will be at the bus port near the cafeteria. Only students can check-in with staff and enter the building. All other family members should wait in their parked vehicles, unless a parent needs to retrieve medicine from the nurse. Students will be allotted 20 minutes to enter the building, return any materials, pick up their belongings, and exit the building to their waiting vehicles. 

Students should practice social distancing and are encouraged to wear masks.

Please review the available slots in the Sign-Up Genius (link below) and click on the button to sign up for one time slot per student on your alpha-specific day.

Once a time slot is filled, nobody else will be allowed to enter the building at that time. Thank you!

*Due to a Covid-19 publishing delay, pre-purchased yearbooks will be distributed at a later date.

Final Grades Due

HI all! I hope that you’re having a good day so far! Update on grades:

Administration is asking for all grades to be submitted by teachers by Wednesday, May 20th, the last day of school. Since I have this deadline, I am asking that all assignments be done and turned in no later than Tuesday, May 19th at 8:00 p.m. I will update grades for the last time after all assignments are submitted. No late assignments will be taken after this time. Please prepare to make sure that you are able to get everything in within the next week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Week 8 Digital Learning – We’re almost there!

Wow! I can’t believe that this marks the last full week of school. In just a few days, you’ll be done with your first year of middle school! Our last day of school is on Wednesday, May 20th!

Here are your last couple of math assignments for 6th grade!!!

Day 1 – Students will watch a Brainpop Video in Seesaw that explains surface area and how to calculate it (Part 1). Students will then watch the video of Mrs. Jean given instruction on how to calculate surface area. Students have 3 problems to try on their own (Part 2).

Day 2 – Students will complete the 8-question Quizizz on Surface Area. Students should have a pencil and paper handy to solve the problems. Please try this until you earn an 80% or better. The highest grade will be entered in the gradebook. The link can be found in Seesaw. View this video if needed:

Day 3 – Please make sure that all of your assignments are completed. Mrs. Jean will check them on Friday.

There will NOT be a Zoom meeting on this Monday. Please email me if you have any questions. My office hours are 9:45 – 2:45 pm.

Wellness Wednesday…Kahoot Challenge

Our second to last Wellness Wednesday lesson is a Kahoot Quiz on recognizing Emoji Emotions. It’s a fun challenge for anyone who participates. See if you can beat Mrs. Jean – nicknamed the “CaringSable”! She’s in first place! You can play straight from the computer without any extra devices.

Wishing everyone the best

Brady McCaffrey

Griffin School Counselor

Week 7 – Digital Learning 5.4.2020

Time to check in, everyone! We only have 13 more school days left! How are you doing on the assignments that you’ve been given already?

Day 1: Here’s what your Day 1 Task is for this week:

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I gotten all of my Quizizz assessments and the Volume of Rectangular Prisms task done?
  2. Were my grades on those assignments my best? (Check ParentVue or Student View).

If you say “no” to either of these things, please complete or re-do any of the graded assignments by using the links below. These are also in Seesaw, but I wanted to link them here to make sure that you can find them easily. The names of the assignments are just as they are in the gradebook. Please take your Day 1 of math to make sure that you are caught up.

Week 2 – Area of Triangle Quizziz (new link here – the other expired)

Week 3 – Area of Parallelogram Quizziz

Week 5 – Area of Composite Figures Quizizz

Week 6 – Volume of Rectangular Prisms (Forms Link)

Day 2 – Students learn how to look at nets and decide if they will make a particular three-dimensional solid.

Watch the nets TWO videos linked on this task. When you are done, please complete the NETS MATCH in Seesaw*.

Please use the “T tool to type your explanation. *

Directions for the nets activity – Four three-dimensional figures are given, along with nets that match three of them. Match each net to its corresponding 3-D figure, and explain your reasoning for matching them. Then draw a net to represent
the three-dimensional figure that DOES NOT have a match. Submit it when you are done.

Video 1 –
Video 2 –


NEXT WEEK: Students will also start to learn about surface area. Here’s a Surface Area/Net video to help you prepare. Remember: The key is to be organized! “Unfold” it first to create a net, then find the area of all the surfaces using the formulas that you know. Your Day 2 Task will be listed here soon and assigned in Seesaw.

Day 3 – Make sure all of your assignments are completed.

***Our Zoom meeting for math will be MONDAY at 11:30-12:00. We’ll talk about how to do the math for this week. The Zoom Meeting ID is: 513-261-4395. The password to enter the meeting will be posted in SeeSaw. Mrs. Jean will only let in those with familiar student/parent names from the waiting a Zoom meeting on Monday.

As a reminder, my office hours are 9:45-2:45. I will not be available on Thursday of this week, however, since I have to go and pack up my classroom for the end of the year.