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Week 7 – Digital Learning 5.4.2020

Time to check in, everyone! We only have 13 more school days left! How are you doing on the assignments that you’ve been given already?

Day 1: Here’s what your Day 1 Task is for this week:

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I gotten all of my Quizizz assessments and the Volume of Rectangular Prisms task done?
  2. Were my grades on those assignments my best? (Check ParentVue or Student View).

If you say “no” to either of these things, please complete or re-do any of the graded assignments by using the links below. These are also in Seesaw, but I wanted to link them here to make sure that you can find them easily. The names of the assignments are just as they are in the gradebook. Please take your Day 1 of math to make sure that you are caught up.

Week 2 – Area of Triangle Quizziz (new link here – the other expired)

Week 3 – Area of Parallelogram Quizziz

Week 5 – Area of Composite Figures Quizizz

Week 6 – Volume of Rectangular Prisms (Forms Link)

Day 2 – Students learn how to look at nets and decide if they will make a particular three-dimensional solid.

Watch the nets TWO videos linked on this task. When you are done, please complete the NETS MATCH in Seesaw*.

Please use the “T tool to type your explanation. *

Directions for the nets activity – Four three-dimensional figures are given, along with nets that match three of them. Match each net to its corresponding 3-D figure, and explain your reasoning for matching them. Then draw a net to represent
the three-dimensional figure that DOES NOT have a match. Submit it when you are done.

Video 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVlFsmpZe6o
Video 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MwB0XzhqRQ


NEXT WEEK: Students will also start to learn about surface area. Here’s a Surface Area/Net video to help you prepare. Remember: The key is to be organized! “Unfold” it first to create a net, then find the area of all the surfaces using the formulas that you know. Your Day 2 Task will be listed here soon and assigned in Seesaw.

Day 3 – Make sure all of your assignments are completed.

***Our Zoom meeting for math will be MONDAY at 11:30-12:00. We’ll talk about how to do the math for this week. The Zoom Meeting ID is: 513-261-4395. The password to enter the meeting will be posted in SeeSaw. Mrs. Jean will only let in those with familiar student/parent names from the waiting room.ve a Zoom meeting on Monday.

As a reminder, my office hours are 9:45-2:45. I will not be available on Thursday of this week, however, since I have to go and pack up my classroom for the end of the year.