Reminder – Item Pickup @ GMS this week!!!!

The Signup Genius link is closed! If absolutely need to go to the school to pick up items, email Ms. Seibert to see if she can help.

Wildcat Nation: There are several upcoming alpha-specific days where GMS students will be permitted to come to the school to retrieve and return items. On 

  • Monday, May 11: students with last names A-G,
  • Tuesday, May 12: students with last names H-O, and
  • Wednesday, May 13: students with last names P-Z,

students will be permitted to come to the school to:

  • return any textbooks, library books, or instruments,
  • clean out lockers, and/or
  • pick up medicine (parent is required).

Only students who need to return or pick up items* should come.

he only entry point will be at the bus port near the cafeteria. Only students can check-in with staff and enter the building. All other family members should wait in their parked vehicles, unless a parent needs to retrieve medicine from the nurse. Students will be allotted 20 minutes to enter the building, return any materials, pick up their belongings, and exit the building to their waiting vehicles. 

Students should practice social distancing and are encouraged to wear masks.

Please review the available slots in the Sign-Up Genius (link below) and click on the button to sign up for one time slot per student on your alpha-specific day.

Once a time slot is filled, nobody else will be allowed to enter the building at that time. Thank you!

*Due to a Covid-19 publishing delay, pre-purchased yearbooks will be distributed at a later date.

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