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Week 6 – Digital Learning (4.27.2020)

Knock it Out of the Park

Hello! Welcome to Week 6! You’re on the home stretch! Do you reallize that you’ve only got 3.5 weeks of school left? I want to encourage you to keep up the good work, keep strong, and finish strong! You’re almost to the finish line! You’ve almost got your home run!

Here’s what you’re working on this week:

Day 1: Welcome to Week 6! Today you will work on finding the VOLUME of 3D figures including rectangular prisms (shaped like a shipment box) or cubes. Please, please, please watch the entire video attached to the assignment in Seesaw that shows you how to find the volume before trying the riddle.

Day 2: Students will review the video from Day 1 and complete an assignment on the link provided in Seesaw. Please make sure to have a pencil and paper to work out the answers to the problems. Students scores will be posted in ParentVue.

Day 3: Please make sure that both of your assignments are done for this week. Please double-check in Seesaw to make sure that Mrs. Jean has not sent back an assignment for you to complete properly.

***Our Zoom meeting for math will be MONDAY at 11:30-12:00. We’ll talk about how to do the math for this week. The Zoom Meeting ID is: 513-261-4395. The password to enter the meeting will be posted in SeeSaw. Mrs. Jean will only let in those with familiar student/parent names from the waiting room.

!!!!Area of Triangles (Week 2 Retake Opportunity)!!!!

If your child took the Quizizz on Area of Triangles for week 2 and did not score at least an 80%, here is a link to the quiz again in order to score a better grade. This may be taken as many times as your child needs. The highest score will be recorded in the gradebook. This quiz closes on Friday, May 1st at 10:00 pm. If you are unsure of your child’s grade, please check ParentVue. If there is nothing there, either the student did not do it or they used a fake name and the score was deleted. Please make sure he/she uses their first and last names to receive credit.

Area Quizizz Retake

Week 5 Digital Learning … WE. CAN. DO. THIS!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed a marvelous weekend! I can’t believe that we’re already on week 5 of digital learning! Only a few more weeks of officially being a sixth grader! We can do this!

Help sessions are avaible in small groups of 3 kids per time slot each Tuesday through Thursday. Please sign up for one slot per day to give others a chance to get assistance.

Please sign up using the Signup Genius link sent to parents’ emails this past weekend. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your phone or computer to be able to join.

We’re working on the same standard that we worked on last week! Here is what you will find in Seesaw this week:

Week 5 (DAY 1) – Area of Irregular Figures/Polygons

Watch the review video on how to find the area of irregular/compound polygons.

Complete the 5 problems attached here. Please show your work for each problems and put a circle or square around your final answer. You may write or type your work into Seesaw.

WEEK 5 (DAY 2) – QUIZIZZ – Calculating the Area of Composite Figures

Watch the video that was REPOSTED today if you need a refresher on how to find the area of composite figures.

Click on the link to complete the Quizizz. You may retake it until you earn an 80% or higher. Please make sure to use your real name to receive credit for your work.

WEEK 5 (Day 3) – Check to make sure all of your work is complete.

Please make sure that both of your assignments are done for this week. Please double-check in Synergy to make sure that Mrs. Jean has not sent back an assignment for you to complete properly. Remember, Quizizz should have your real name on it in order to me to assign you a grade in the grade book. Thanks!

Wellness Wednesday – Griffin Counselors 4.15.2020

Wellness Wednesday this week will be a zoom video with the counselors. We discuss the importance of wellness and feelings associated with “loss” during this time. We also guide the students through the emotions they might be experiencing along with the importance of staying motivated.

Attached is a worksheet that you are free to use at home with your child.

Thank you for your support!

Brady McCaffrey

Griffin School Counselor

Google Voice: 404-532-9717